Product Overview

Femtocells are small 3G base stations that dramatically improve indoor voice coverage and 3G data performance for subscribers.  Femtocells also help operators cope with the exploding usage of mobile data by offloading traffic from the macro radio access network (RAN), leveraging existing fixed broadband internet connections for backhaul. Finally, femtocells enable a new generation of femtozone applications that take advantage of the femtocell’s presence detection and connection to the home network.

Key Features of Airvana's HubBub Femtocell

  • High-capacity voice and data – support for six concurrent CDMA1X voice and/or EV-DO broadband data sessions
  • Advanced radio interference management – Industry-leading RF intelligence to provide optimized system selection and interference mitigation. Ensures that the interference from the femtocell into the operator’s macro network is negligible while still providing a superior service experience to the end user.
  • Assured Voice Quality of Service (QoS) – Integrated router to prioritize IP traffic and ensure clear voice calling.
  • Flexible Core Network Support – Unique embedded SIP client connects with both legacy and VoIP/IMS core network infrastructures.  Migration from legacy networks to VoIP can be achieved with virtually no change to the femtocell network system.
  • Innovative Virtual Landline Service – Integrated analog telephone adapter (ATA) option allows mobile operator to offer VoIP-based landline replacement service, using the subscriber’s existing landline phones.
  • Comprehensive TR-069 based remote management – Connects to the Airvana Femtocell Service  Manager using  TR-069, the world’s most widely deployed device management standard, for zero-touch provisioning and comprehensive remote management.

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