Femtocells Transforming the Mobile Experience

Femtocells are small base stations that provide superior indoor 3G wireless coverage and data performance. They connect to the mobile operator network via standard cable or DSL broadband internet connections. For end users, Airvana’s HubBub femtocells provide exceptional indoor coverage and high-performance data and multimedia, using the latest CDMA and EV-DO technologies. They also form the basis for an exciting new generation of “femto zone” services that take advantage of the femtocell’s presence sensing and connection to both home and mobile networks. In a recent study, 56% of U.S. broadband consumers said they found femtocells appealing.1

For mobile operators, femtocells fundamentally change the economics of delivering coverage and network capacity, and provide a means to cost-effectively manage the data deluge caused by the increased use of smart phones. Femtocells reduce capital costs associated with macro cell equipment and real estate, and reduce operating costs associated with spectrum use and backhaul. Femtocells effectively provide “intelligent coverage” by concentrating capacity precisely where subscribers use it – in their homes and offices. 

HubBub Femtocell
Airvana's HubBub femtocell provides simultaneous support for EV-DO Rev. A mobile broadband data and CDMA2000 1x voice, for up to six simultaneous users. Learn More

Femtocell Service Manager (FSM)
The FSM is a TR-069 standards-based,scalable management and auto-configuration platform for HubBub™ and third-party femtocell deployments. Learn More

1 Survey finds femtocells appeal to 56% of US consumers, Femto Forum, June 2010