Airvana joins CommScope

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Transforming Wireless Service Delivery

Airvana small cells enable mobile operators to deliver dramatically better service to subscribers in the most challenging and high-value environments: offices, public spaces, and in the home. Small cells are small “base stations” that provide LTE and 3G wireless coverage. They connect to the mobile operator network via standard cable, fiber or DSL broadband Internet connections.

For end users, Airvana small cells offer exceptional indoor coverage and high-performance data and multimedia.  For mobile operators, small cells are a cost-effective means to meet the soaring demand for mobile data that is driven by the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet devices.

In enterprises and public spaces, Airvana’s unique OneCell delivers consistent, high-quality LTE service at the cost and simplicity of managed Wi-Fi systems.

In homes and small offices, Airvana small cells provide high-speed data and “five bar” voice coverage.

Airvana’s small cell management systems provide device management, provisioning, and advanced automated network planning for some of the world’s largest small cell networks.